Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to Get More Value from Your Rental Property Manager (Part 2)

2. Trade Places . Take a minute to look at the business from their shoes. Instead of thinking, "they don't rent my place often enough, and they charge a lot", think about their situation. Every day they have guests to greet, peak and low vacancy seasons to juggle, maintenance, cleaning, and booking as well as advertising. If you think about what they're going through, you can ask, "How can I help them rent more"? Property managers love when owners improve! Sanibel Accommodations has always been encouraging with every upgrade and improvement, They even take all my bedspreads to the cleaners for me when I can't be there. Do you respect their booking process and follow their policies? Are you responsive when they ask for your take-out (personal use) requests a year in advance? Do you keep your unit equipped with more than the minimum? Do you make an effort to have a conversation at least once a year about your unit, pricing, and marketing? The answers make the difference to your success.

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