Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vacation Owners: Rental Marketing Help Is Here

If you own a quality vacation rental property and would like more rentals, we'd like to invite you to join other owners at to share extra guest inquiries. We're vacation rental owners ourselves, so you'll find our website is very owner-friendly, easy and convenient. can help you get closer to 100% occupancy by sharing rental requests with owners in your resort or local area.

More Efficient Marketing = More Rentals
InCircleRentals will help you expand your marketing with minimal time and effort -- and right now, at no cost. As an owner, your most important priority is to rent more. Even though you market your vacation rental property on various websites, there are always weeks or months you can't easily fill. That's when you can take advantage of free leads from other owners in your area. In turn, if you have leads you can't use, instead of turning away the guest, now you can refer them to the other owners in your group.

We optimize your current marketing efforts by harnessing all the marketing results of owners in your circle. Imagine the benefit of pooling your marketing results in a safe, simple and effective website.

Our Story: Sharing Guest Leads
Twelve years ago, we bought a condo in Sanibel, Florida. Many of us vacation rental owners in the resort started to email each other the surplus guest leads we got from our various marketing efforts. If an owner was booked, he or she would pass along the inquiring guest information to the other owners. We had great success in using the leads passed around. Owners still made the bookings and all other arrangements individually, but they had the benefit of more guests. is the same idea of sharing guest leads, but improved with behind-the-scenes Internet technologies. InCircleRentals owners can share guest leads instantly online using regular email, and also access your personal InCircleRentals website page that automatically keeps track of your rental leads details and history. All you have to do is look for special emails announcing new leads from your owners' circle; or share your extra leads from your InCircleRentals member page.

We welcome you to visit and sign up as a member. It only takes 2 minutes to start your FREE 90 day trial membership and get immediate full access to the benefits of sharing leads online with your neighbors...We'd also like to spotlight your property on our blog and share thoughts about vacation rental ownership and marketing tips.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Randy Zats, President
Toll-free telephone US & Canada: 888-317-1538

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