Sunday, August 8, 2010

Minnesota: State asks 600 cabin owners to comply

New plan would put limits on lake cabin rentals

The owners of private cabins would have to comply with the rules set for motels and resorts.A new battle is erupting across Minnesota's lake country.

In the first widespread action of its kind, the state has sent more than 600 letters to property owners across Minnesota who rent their cabins for a week or less. In an attempt to enforce an existing law more vigorously, the letters warn that the owners might need to buy a license and undergo inspections -- the same rules that apply to hotels, motels and resorts Full article text at

Randy's opinion: This is similar to recent laws in New York and Paris. I think the real issue is what can we do to promote the state's vacation rental industry. As a Minnesota resident, I see other states (Colorado, Florida are just 2) that do an outstanding job of promoting vacation rentals on their tourism websites. Along with inspections, the state should partner with owners and promote our rentals so guests don't go to another state.

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