Friday, April 9, 2010

Add Value with Property Rental Fraud Protection

Add Credibility and Increase Rentals
ScamChaser is a new service that has come to InCircleRentals attention, and we like what they're doing. The company helps drive scam "artists" out of the vacation property rental industry. It also lets vacation rental property owners offer valuable new incentives for vacationers to rent their property. In addition to their $500 protection plan for travelers, the other owner validations give the traveler greater peace of mind that the rental transaction is legitimate. This gives owners with fraud protection a competitive advantage vis-a-vis other owners.

Most vacation property listing sites have no solution or recourse for renters who are victims of a scam. Some vacation property sites will offer a refund to travelers defrauded of their money. This, however, is of little comfort when the family arrives for their vacation only to find they have no place to stay. The information collected by ScamChaser will help the traveler determine before they rent a property that the person offering the property is the actual owner or agent.

Information obtained by ScamChaser includes some of the following:
- County Tax Record Search of rental property to confirm owner's name, mailing address and the rental property description.
- Confirmation of active ownership by review of owner's utility or other invoices for both the mailing and rental addresses.
- Obtain copy of an owner's photo ID to confirm name and mailing address match documents and records.
- Recheck of rental property utility or service invoice after 6 months.

Check out ScamChaser and let us know what you think.

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