Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 Easy Tips to Plan Home Improvements

If you're thinking of refreshing your vacation rental with some home improvements, these five tips will make it an easier and more rewarding experience:
1. Visualize the end at the outset. Envision your new space. Think about the improvements and sense of style you want to achieve by checking out home design and architecture magazines or websites.
2. Sketch out your plans. Hire a paid interior design or remodeling professional; use free services from a local home decorating retailer; or, for those elements where you feel capable, do it yourself.
3. Include a firm schedule for activities so you don't disrupt your rental income cycle. Include the sequence of preparing the space (floors, walls) then decorating and furnishing, allowing for delivery times...and know some things will run late or off schedule.
4. Get any permissions or permits in order. If you're doing electrical or plumbing work, make sure your contractors are properly licensed / bonded and that they comply with your unit's building codes.
5. Stay flexible. Remember that the best laid plans in home remodeling are often thwarted by unexpected glitches from late deliveries to wrong colors.

In the end, it'll be worth your effort at home alterations to attract more renters, and for those vacation home rental guests to enjoy your space even more, be more likely to return again and recommend your rental to others.

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