Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ski Season News Flash, from On and Off the Slopes

Vacation homeowners who rent out their ski lodges and chalets may be worried about full capacity or cancellations in this economy, but discounted airfares, ski passes and other incentives may lure unexpected surplus of travelers.
Most resorts did not roll out expensive new lifts and lodges, but rather just tweaked around the margins. New trails or bowls? Not many this winter. There are exceptions, of course. A few resorts in Utah and Colorado are opening luxury condos and faux Alpine villages with Trump-like aplomb. But those were green-lighted before the economy hit the skids. Not all upgrades require multimillion-dollar investments. Old stalwarts like Jackson Hole, Wyo., for example, have jumped on the iPhone bandwagon with a new app that offers up-to-the-minute ski conditions and GPS tracking.

Here’s a roundup of what else is new at North America’s ski resorts this season.
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