Monday, December 28, 2009

Help Your Vacation Rental Guests With Smooth Travels This Week

Travel's just gotten trickier over these holidays due to the unfortunate recent news.
At the airport, travelers can expect plenty of delays. For domestic flights or flights originating in the U.S., Continental Airlines' website suggests showing up at the airport "one hour prior to normal processing time," which means at least two hours before a flight.

So far, we haven't heard of any baggage restrictions on domestic flights beyond the usual. For international flights into the U.S. , the Canadian government advises showing up three hours in advance.
Read the latest on new airline travel situation.

And of course, any local transportation tips you can provide your vacation home rental guests, the better....For example, if you haven't already done so, you can give your guests local transportation information, like van, taxi or car service company names, phone numbers or websites. You can even offer to book their arrival trip in advance. They'll appreciate your help and you'll help ensure a more memorable and pleasant trip through a small gesture.

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