Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hotel Eny: Vacation Rental Wish List (Part 3)

Item #3 on my wish list is Personal Service. I want to offer the same concierge service offered by the 4 star hotels. Great customer service is the most important priority for vacation rental guests. It doesn't matter how great the booking website was or what other websites said about the property, but everything the guest sees, touches and feels "makes" the vacation.

However since I only own one vacation rental unit from 1,000 miles away, I can't compete with a hotel's concierge. It would be wonderful if I could say, "I want my guests to have access to a concierge to recommend and make their dinner reservations and excursions".

Until that time, I'm doing the best I can. I compile a binder with local restaurants, and I personally shop for and ship the upgraded amenities to my property manager. It's not the 4-star hotel concierge service of my dreams, but it seems to make my guests happy.

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