Monday, November 23, 2009

Add Eye-Catching Marketing with Web Video for Your Vacation Rental

One key component of marketing your vacation rental is distinguishing your property from others in the area and showing off unique attributes. How about dazzling them with an online video of your home, and put first impressions over the edge?

Of course you want a professional and not amateurish video to show your property’s best side and capture optimum value in rentals, but can you really afford a professional videographer?  Luckily we’ve recently connected with a well-established Europe-based Internet development and video company, who specialize in online video for the real estate industry and vacation rental market.

IVideoVillas produces surprising affordable, wonderfully high quality professional videos optimized for the Web, and they specialize in real estate property tours for owners, property managers and developers. Plus, iVideoVillas will promote your vacation rental video in association with YouTube, Google Video, YahooVideo and AOLVideo. So you’ll be up and running with your video marketing right away.

IVideoVillas just launched the new Vacation Rental Owners Forum, and we encourage our owners to head over there too and join the conversation.  Thanks to CEO for the great work.  We encourage our InCircleRentals owners to contact Jef and kick your vacation rental property marketing to the next level with web video. It’s a modest, one-time investment that will pay dividends for years to come with more effective marketing and wider reach to prospective visitors. Who doesn’t love a home movie? Especially when it could be their own vacation rental home.

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