Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to Expand Your Local Reach For Your Vacation Rental Property Advertising

One simple way to boost your bookings is to build a simple page that focuses on your local area's attractions and activities. Your guests will thank you because you're providing "local knowledge" that will help them plan their vacation. You'll also be able to expand your keyword base & SEO by ranking for keywords that are relevant to travel in your local area. You'll be "widening your net" and positioning yourself as a resource for renters that are looking for a vacation in your area.

You'll stand out from your competition because you're offering guidance to them and providing local knowledge. You're providing links to them as they plan their trip, and it's all in one place.

As an added benefit, Google loves relevant outbound links, so you'll rank higher because your information is deemed of value by the search engines. You can also show local businesses that you've listed their site on your page, and ask them if they'd like to do the same for you. (At the very least they'll remember that you did list them and are more likely to refer renters to you in the future).

The activities page is really not hard to do, you most likely already have the resources in your mind or in a guest binder. However, it does require an initial set up commitment and then 15 - 30 minutes a month maintenance to monitor new activities / places of interest.

Our renters continually comment on how helpful the local information is to them, I rank very highly in the search engines for my targeted key words as a result of consistently providing relevant and targeted content on my activities page. It's really not hard to do, it just takes focused effort. And it's all part of guaranteeing that I'm booked solid.

Article by Jayne Brodie, the author of the "Booked Solid Blueprint", a popular guide designed to help vacation rental property owners boost their rental bookings. See http://www.bookedsolidrentals.com. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jayne_Brodie

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